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Home Sewage and Black Water Remediation

Sewage and Black Water Remediation

sewage and black water restorationOriginating from toilet, sewer, and septic system back-ups or overflows and weather-related flooding, black water or sewage damage is the most serious category of water damage. Water from these sources typically carries human waste, pathogens, industrial chemicals, fertilizer runoff and other infectious materials that can cause serious illness upon exposure.

Quick response and expertise are needed to handle these losses. Our technicians are properly certified and trained to properly restore black water damage to the proper Standard of Care and protect the health and safety of building inhabitants.

We’ve restored damage caused by black water and sewage for over 30 years. Our professional technicians have restored countless losses like this and know exactly what is needed to get you and your family back to the way things were before the damage occurred.


Restoration to the Proper Standard of Care

Bay Area Clean Care restores affected properties to the ANSI-approved IICRC S500 and S520 Standards. When your home or business is restored to this industry standard you can be confident that the job has been done correctly, protecting the health and safety of occupants as well as property values. We use state-of-the-art technology including infrared cameras to document not just the visible damage, but also the damage that cannot be visually observed. When we complete a project, we provide you with a permanent record proving that the loss was restored according to the proper Standard of Care.


Documentation & Communication

Bay Area Clean Care uses current industry claim software to provide comprehensive documentation from the cause of the loss through every step taken to restore the property. The insured is updated daily and everyone involved is provided with all the documentation they will need to expedite the claim. We strive to give a high level of communication so the claim process operates fluently.


Contact Bay Area Clean Care to learn more about how we restore sewage and black water damage.