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What to Do When You Find Mold

mold remediationMold remediation should only be handled by a certified professional like Bay Area Clean Care. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with mold and will take the proper actions to properly restore affected areas.

If mold is discovered, avoid the affected area. Mold can not only damage structures, but cause illness upon exposure. Proper remediation requires controlled demolition, disposal of contaminated materials, thorough cleaning, sanitization and other specialized protocol.

Fast response is just a call to our 24-hour emergency line away. Until we can arrive on the scene, here a few helpful tips to help protect yourself and minimize damage.

  • Mold is always the result of an unchecked water or moisture source. Locate and stop the source of water if possible.
  • Power down central heating or air conditioning units and cover vents in the affected areas until they can be looked at.
  • Avoid trying to clean affected areas with bleach. This may make the problem look better, but it will not remove the problem.
  • Remain calm. The majority of molds are not harmful and reactions to mold can vary greatly from person to person.
  • Contact a medical professional immediately if you or anyone else is experiencing what is thought to be a negative reaction induced by exposure to mold.